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Esmod Dubai perfume discovery course

Esmod Dubai perfume discovery course students to create personalised fragrance presented in 30ml bottle  

New session of short course begins April 2

March 4, 2012
Esmod Dubai, the only French institute fully dedicated to fashion in the region, has announced that the next session of its widely popular perfume discovery short course begins on April 2, 2012. Esmod Dubai has introduced a new facet to the upcoming session, wherein students will have an opportunity to create their own distinct fragrance that will be presented in a 30ml bottle bearing their name.

The month-long ‘Perfume Discovery’ sessions will introduce participants to an ‘Olfactorium,’ a compact version of a perfumer palette. The course will teach the basics of perfume creation and help students create their own fragrance, reflecting their individual preferences, in coordination with the institute’s laboratory. 

Tamara Hostal, Director and Founder, Esmod Dubai, said, “The underlining objective of this course is to enhance the skills of those involved in the perfume industry, a field where there is a definite dearth of professionals. Moreover, we have designed the course structure to bring out the inherent creativity and skills of the participants, especially by giving them a chance to create a fragrance of their own, representing their distinct individuality and tastes with regard to perfumes. Importantly, the fact that they get to take with them a personalised bottle of their own fragrance means that they will be able to proudly share their creation with friends and family.”     

Perfume Discovery especially targets the fast-growing perfume industry, as companies in this sector can send their employees for training. Moreover, all women who are involved with the sale of perfumes or who are part of the fashion world where a solid background in perfumery is a must could significantly benefit from this course.


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